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I’m excited to announce that ATA is now accepting session proposals for our 56th annual conference, to be held in Miami in November, 2015. Yes, you read that correctly: Miami in November…we’re expecting a large crowd!

ATA depends on volunteer presenters for the bulk of the conference sessions. You can submit a proposal for a three-hour preconference seminar or a one-hour session during the conference; there are some financial incentives for each of those options, and you can read about them on the proposal form. Especially needed are *advanced-level sessions* and topics that have not been covered at previous conferences. Here’s the online information.

If you’ve never submitted a session presentation before, you might find some useful information in this free webinar that I presented for ATA last year, entitled “How to write a winning ATA conference proposal.”

Thanks, and let’s make Miami the best conference yet!

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Hello and happy 2015 to everyone! If you’re looking to start the new year by working toward your freelance goals, the next session of my online course “Getting Started as a Freelance Translator” starts tomorrow (Wednesday 1/7) and I still have three spots open. Here’s the course web page.

This course is for translators with little or no freelance experience, who want to launch and run a successful freelance business. It runs for four weeks, and everyone gets individual feedback from me on four targeted assignments: your resume and cover letter, marketing plan, rates/billable hours sheet, and online presence (association directory profiles, LinkedIn, website, etc.). We also do a one-hour question and answer conference call every week, and you can attend those live or send your questions by e-mail and listen to the recordings that I send out afterward. You can read the full course description and register using the link above. And if you’re interested in my more advanced course, “Beyond the Basics of Freelancing,” that starts on February 18 and you can read about it here.

Registration for either course is $350, with a $50 discount for ATA members, and every student also receives free copies of my books How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator and Thoughts on Translation.

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The next session of my online course Beyond the Basics of Freelancing starts on November 12, and I have five spots open. This course is for mid-career freelancers who have established businesses, but want to earn more money, work with higher-quality agencies or direct clients, develop a clearer financial plan for their businesses and get more enjoyment out of their work (why not?). The course is four weeks long and entirely online, and registration is $350, with a $50 discount for ATA members. The registration fee includes four weekly lessons, individual feedback from me on each assignment that you submit, a weekly one-hour question and answer conference call for the whole class, and a one-hour individual conference call for you after the class ends.

Here’s a comment from a recent participant in this course, “Though I was more or less satisfied with my business, it had plateaued and I wasn’t sure how to up my game. Corinne’s class was exactly what I needed. She asked questions that forced me to focus on the most important aspects of my business and acted as a sounding board for marketing ideas. I especially appreciated that the class included ample opportunity to ask specific questions about nearly anything. I learned a great deal from Corinne and from the other students and came away from the class with a concrete plan and timeline for the next 6-12 months to take my business to the next level.”

To read more or to register, hop on over to my website.

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The next session of my online course for beginning translators, Getting Started as a Freelance Translator, starts on September 24, and there are currently three spots left. This is a four-week course for translators in any language combination; we focus on four targeted assignments (your resume and cover letter, marketing plan, rates and billable hours sheet and online presence), and every week we also do a one-hour question and answer conference call. Every student receives copies of my books How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator and Thoughts on Translation.

A recent participant in the course commented, “Neither in my undergraduate classes in education nor in some of the more practical classes I took as part of my MA in English (including the course connected to my assistantship as a writing consultant) did I ever experience one course that delivered as much precise and helpful information as this course.” If you’d like to join us, registration is US $325, with a $50 discount for ATA members. Visit my website for a full description or to register! And if you’re a more experienced translator looking for a nudge toward your business goals, registration is also open (same page) for the next session of Beyond the Basics of Freelancing, beginning November 12.

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This year’s ProZ community choice awards are open for voting, and I’m excited to have been nominated in a few categories. Last year Eve Bodeux and I won in the Best Podcast category for Speaking of Translation, and I won in the Best Blog Post category for Why do some freelance translators fail?.

This year Eve and I are nominated again in the Best Podcast category, my blog is nominated in the Best Blog category, and I’m nominated in the Best Trainer category. The awards are always fun, so hop on over and vote!

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On hiatus

Thoughts on Translation is on hiatus until mid-August. In the meantime, you can explore the “Most Popular Posts” sidebar (in the grey box on the right) for some summer reading!

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The next sessions of my online courses start on August 20 (Beyond the Basics of Freelancing) and September 24 (Getting Started as a Freelance Translator). Getting Started is for students who want to launch and run a successful freelance business, and Beyond the Basics is for students who have established freelance businesses. Each class is four weeks long and consists of four lessons on which you get individual feedback from me, plus a weekly question-and-answer conference call for the whole class. Additionally, students in Beyond the Basics get a one-hour individual consultation with me.

Getting Started focuses on the basics of getting your freelance business up and running: writing a translation-targeted resumé and cover letter, creating a marketing plan and rates sheet and establishing an online presence (LinkedIn profile, translators association directory profile, website, etc.). Beyond the Basics focuses on marketing your services to high-quality translation agencies and direct clients, creating a professional profile document and identifying ways to meet direct clients on their turf.

Registration for either class is US $325, and after these sessions I’ll be raising the price to US $350, so now is a good time to register if you’ve been thinking about it. All sessions of both courses have filled up before the deadline for the past year, so hop on over to my website and read the full descriptions if you’re thinking of joining one of these sessions! ATA members receive a $50 discount on registration for either course.

Here’s a comment from a participant in the most recent session of Beyond the Basics: “This course really helped me define a path for moving my business forward, as well as giving me some helpful tools for getting there. I received valuable input and tips not only from Corinne, but also from the other students, and it was great to be part of a little virtual community.”

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